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Executive Headteacher Mrs Penny Hammett

Swans & Cygnets

Welcome to Swans and Cygnets. We are a class of pre-school and reception children taught by Mrs Ireland, Miss Chandler and Mrs Crawford. We have our own lovely, light classroom and partially covered outside area. A great place to learn.

We are now back in school and it is wonderful to see all of the children's bright faces each day and work in the lovely atmosphere. It isn't quite back to normal yet but it hopefully won't be long. As I stated in the letter sent home, I will be updating this page each week with a phonics topic. This will be varied, it may include activities for you to do with your children or links to videos to help with children blending their sounds. The learning will be based around the phonics that we have learnt the previous week in the classroom so your child should be familiar with the learning and this is to ensure they are secure. 

Week Beginning 19/10/2020

Last week in phonics we learnt the sounds j, v, w, y and z. It is always good to go back over these!

  • Can you think of funny sentences using the tricky words to and the? 
  •  Have a look at the video below of Geraldine, can you write the qu sound or the sh sound? 
  • Have a go at writing the words ship, quit, quiz, shop, shut and wish.

Have a look at these funny clips...

A huge part of learning to read for a child is blending the sounds. As your children become ready to do this, they will bring home a book. If you would like to see the methods that we use in school, here is a link to a really useful video...

I hope this helps, please don't feel the need to bring any evidence in to school, thankyou for the time that you spend on this!