FORT Federation

Executive Headteacher Mrs Penny Hammett



Our school choir meets on a Monday after school. We sing a range of songs – from current hits in the charts, festive tunes and songs that reflect our Christian ethos within the school.

December is a very busy time for our choir. There are many festive performances; the village Christmas market, the school’s Carol concert and the Nativity. We also visited Hembury Fort House and sang carols to the residents and staff. This is a special event, that allows the choir to interact with the local community.

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We are looking forward to our next performance in April. This is a super opportunity for the choir to rehearse a number of songs, in preparation for Wellington school’s ‘Come and Sing’ event. The choir will travel to Wellington on the 3rd of April and rehearse with approximately 450 children, before an evening performance that is open to family and friends. You can see photos of last year’s Disney themed event.