FORT Federation

Executive Headteacher Mrs Penny Hammett

School Council

We are a group of children from three difference classes. We were voted onto the School Council by other children in our class. Children in Oak Class had to explain why they thought they would be a good school councillor.
We meet every other Monday for half an hour but each week discuss School Council in class during circle time and have a brief discussion before our meetings.
In our class discussions we talk about ways to improve our school so that more people feel happy about it. We help other children and parents, including the locals, to tackle problems as they arise.
The School Council also ensures fairness for all and sets a good example to other children.
We had an important role in the appointment of the Headteacher. We interviewed all the candidates and we gave our opinions to the governors. It was an exciting but daunting opportunity. It made us feel privileged and valued to be part of the process
The children have recently voted for the next school Council. Each class has a class vote for three children to represent their class on the council. This is a very exciting position and I would like to congratulate each new councillor. They will attend regular meetings and will have the opportunity to develop and improve the school.